Commercial building property management

KPL Select Property Management,Inc. is experienced and staffed to manage your commercial property. Our management services are innovative and knowledgeable. We capitalize on the individual commercial property's uniqueness and create a program that fits the property. We are approachable and available to you, your business tenants and your future business tenants. We have the industry knowledge to maintain the building for your business tenants and keep the spaces leased to full capacity.

We establish an open line of communication between all parties involved in the oversight of your building, including vendors, accountants, attorney's and you, the owner. We consistently provide you market analysis reports,
pro formas, budgets, P & L statements, financial statements, tenant profiles, property ledgers and sales and
leasing reports. We make it our priority to maintain your building with frequent inspections, enforcing
building rules, regulations and culture and supervising all vendor and independent contractor activity.