Frequently asked questions

what do my fees include?

General fee and service breakdowns are as follows :

start up fee : One time cost'
This fee is collected when we begin the management process for a new property or owner. The start up fee covers all initial advertising and marketing, showing vacant properties and covers a portion of the administrative costs incurred to set up bookkeeping, banking and communication systems for a new owner or property.
Lease - up fee: % of annaual income when new lease is required
This fee is collected when leasing a vacant property or unit and includes rental applications, running background and credit checks and verifying income, and payment history of potential tenant, as well as, covers our services for drafting residentail lease agreements, addendums and overseeing all aspects of moving a new tenant in.
Monthly management fee : % of monthly rental amount
This fee is collected monthly for managing the property, including rent collection, tenant communication, maintenance requests, bill-paying and vendor supervision on the owner's behalf.
Reserve fund : $250 amount
We require that our clients maintain a reserve fund for minor repairs and emergency costs. This money is only used for repairs, maintenance or payment of other bills and unused amounts are always refunded. We obtain owner approval prior to the use of the reserve funds except in the case of an emergency. We maintain detailed records and receipts and it is our practice to contact the owner for authorization if the repair exceeds $250.